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Bluegrass in Israel,Bluegrass music in Israel


onstage at the Tiberias hot springs,Israel 1983

Welcome to the Bluegrass music in Israel website.Here we are marking some of the milestones in the development of bluegrass music here in the Holy Land.
Although there may not be at present an active Bluegrass band performing regularly, from time to time we receive guests,people coming on holiday,on pilgrimage etc.who can get an interesting and different perspective on their trip to Israel by connecting with local bluegrass musicians and actually making Bluegrass music in Israel .
We can supply the instruments,and the location.
Please feel free to make contact and come and Pick Bluegrass in Israel.
Here you will see a little of the history,and we hope it encourages you to come and pick with us when you visit Israel.

Also,feel free to leave a message on our facebook page:-   


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